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In order to fulfil the growing demand of students across India, we have consistently expanded our reach and today have fully functional study centres in 33 different cities. None of these Study Centres are franchisees and are established and managed by Resonance, Kota.

At Study Centres other than Kota, students and parents may observe a little variation in some features like teaching methodology, course pedagogy and frequency of classes as against the information given in this brochure. This is because of our customization to match local requirements and one can get complete detailed information at the respective Study Centre.

In order to make the students competitive and prepare their outlook for IIT-JEE, Resonance has developed a multiple-level system of Periodic Assessment Tests (PATs) and relative ranking that encompasses the entire student pool. This system is unique to Resonance because of the reach of its study centres across India through classroom contact and distance learning programmes. The PATs provide students a perfect platform to compete and gauge their performance with regard to their peers.