Vishwaas Course is specially designed for students who are currently studying in 11th class and want to put in their best effort to crack IIT JEE. Students are taught entire portion of class XII syllabus along with the important and critical topics of class XI as per the curriculum and content followed at Resonance. Our objective is to help students prepare for JEE (Main + Advanced) keeping in mind the time remaining for the exam. Students will also be guided to prepare for CBSE board examination.

What are the Course Benefits ?

Excellent Faculty

Outstanding and highly qualified faculty members who help students in every aspect of their study life

Computer Based Tests

Online tests will be conducted as per the new change in the pattern, for better practice of our students

Doubt Classes

1 on 1 doubt classes are conducted for students to provide them with customized solution

Board Exam Preparation

Classes are specially designed as per Board pattern. Work sheets and practice tests are conducted frequently

Competitive Exam Support

Special classes are designed for other exams like Olympiads, KVPY. Study material are provided and regular tests are conducted.

Daily Practice Problems

Designed for a student’s self-understanding of a topic. DPPs are handed over daily to the students for practice after every session

Periodic Tests

Periodic Tests are conducted regularly, allowing students to solve all kinds of questions asked in the competitive exams of JEE as well as the Boards

Board Worksheets

On the basis of NCERT and State Boards, worksheets for students are created. This runs parallel with the course curriculum.

What is the duration of the course ?

  • Course Duration: 38 Weeks
  • Total Number of Lectures: 588 (P: 196 | C: 196 | M: 196)
  • Duration of one lecture: 1 hr 30 minutes = 90 minutes
  • Total Duration of Classroom Teaching: 882 hrs
  • Total Duration of Testing Hours: 102 hrs
  • Total Academic Hours in VISHWAAS Course: 984 hrs

*above numbers are tentative and may change

Who should join this course ?

  • 11th class students looking for 1 year power packed course for IIT JEE preparation.
  • Students seeking better career opportunities after graduating from IIT.
  • Students moving towards a specific goal of building a strong foundation.

What are the benefits for meritorious students ?

Scholarship based on ResoNET/ResoFAST

Scholarship based on Board Exam Marks

Scholarship based on Competitive Exam Performance

Important Dates

Course Name (Code) Target Year VISHWAAS - JF 2020 VISHWAAS - JF 2020 VISHWAAS - JF 2020 VISHWAAS - JF 2020
Event / Class Class-XII
(New Students/Phase-I)
(New Students/Phase-I)
(New Students/Phase-I)
(New Students/Phase-I)
Date of Selection Test
(9am - 12pm)
17.03.2019 31.03.2019; 07.04.2019 14.04.2019; 21.04.2019 28.04.2019; 05.05.2019; 12.05.2019
ResoNET / ResoFAST
Test Centres
All Resonance SCs and Schools (all dates) + Test Centers (31.03.2019 ; 14.04.2019 & 12.05.2019)
Results of Selection Test Within 7 days Within 7 days Within 7 days Within 7 days
Last Date for Fee Deposition
30.03.2019 13.04.2019 27.04.2019 18.05.2019
Commencement of Regular Classes 01.04.2019 15.04.2019 29.04.2019 20.05.2019
Last Date for Fee Deposition
01.06.2019 08.06.2019 22.06.2019 20.07.2019
End of Regular Classes# 26.12.2019 26.12.2019 26.12.2019 26.12.2019
Academic Session Ends# Till JEE (Advanced) 2020 Till JEE (Advanced) 2020 Till JEE (Advanced) 2020 Till JEE (Advanced) 2020
Course Available at Selected SCs only Selected SCs only Selected SCs only Selected SCs only


Resonance played an imperative part in my success. The staff here is exceptionally kind and liberal. They were committed towards the achievement of each student they educate. Teachers constantly bolstered me and were accessible for clearing my questions and fortifying my weak topics. I wish to Join IIT Bombay and study Computer Science. For IIT aspirants, I would state that have confidence in your organization and have faith in yourself. Take every suggestion given by your teachers seriously.

Pawan Goyal

AIR 6: JEE Advanced 2018

I joined Resonance in class eleventh (2016). I am extremely happy and thankful for my Rank in JEE Mains 2018. The teachers and staff at Resonance were extremely useful to me and bolstered me in scholarly and non-scholastic zones. Every one of my questions was cleared in time. I want to thank my folks, teachers and all my well-wishers who persuaded and bolstered me. Besides, you ought to be exceptionally specific about your tests. Most importantly, have confidence in yourself and set your mind on your objective, you will definitely accomplish it.

Sukhmanjit Singh Mann

AIR 81: JEE Advanced 2018

The examination material at Resonance is great and exact. It helped in building my nuts and bolts and helped me to propel my aptitude also. The tests directed here are fundamentally of the same as the level to JEE and are extremely precise. The nature of material is great and has an assortment of questions. All the academic and non-academic staff of Resonance has been steady and kind.

Uddharsh Kotahwala

AIR 97 : JEE Advanced 2018