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EG* / EG - Batch ( Course: AJAY | Course Code:ER ) - Class: XIII

Course Concept (Click Here)

This course is for old students of Resonance, who have prepared in VIJETA (JP), VISHWAAS (JF), ANOOP (EP), AKHlL (EF), VIJAY (JR) & AJAY (ER) Course at Resonance but are not expecting a favourable result in JEE (Main) 2018. If these students are still motivated to pursue a career in Engineering at National Institutes of Technology (NITs) through cracking JEE (Main) 2019, then this course is for these students. We understand specific requirements of our old students & therefore, this course is designed to improve their performance in their JEE (Main) 2019. Resonance also offers student friendly scholarship to the students in EG*/EG batch based on their performance in Resonance Periodic Tests conducted during academic session 2017-18 and their score in JEE (Main) 2018.

Who can Join (Click Here)

Any student who has studied at Resonance, Kota or any other Study Centre in during academic session 2017-18 & who has one more chance to appear in JEE (Main) 2019.

  • Class- Xlll Course: VIJAY (JR) or AJAY (ER)

Course Schedule: (Click Here)

EG* (EG-Star) Batch EG Batch
Last date to deposit fee: 09 June, 2018 (Saturday/05:00 pm) Last date to deposit fee: 23 June, 2018 (Saturday/05:00 pm)
Course Commencement: 11 June, 2018 (Monday/as per Time Table). Course Commencement: 25 June, 2018 (Monday/as per Time Table)
Course Ends: Till JEE (Main) 2019 Course Ends: Till JEE (Main) 2019

Benefits to the students taking admission in EG* / EG-Batch: (Click Here)

  • Separate English & Hindi batches.
  • Special Scholarship or Fee Concession.
  • Direct Admission.
  • Initial Batch allotment based on Cumulative % of previous year's (2017-18) performance in Resonance's Periodic Test.
  • Direct Competition with thousands of other students in AJAY (ER) Course in Resonance across the country.