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JG*/JG/JGH - Batch ( Course: VIJAY | Course Code:JR ) - Class: XIII

(Only for 'Old' Students of Resonance)

Dear Student,

"Success is not final, failure is not permanent: it is the zeal to continue that counts" And Resonance salutes those students who have the courage to keep trying until they succeed.

Though, it was painful for us not to see your name in the list of the successful candidates who would appear for JEE (Advanced) 2018, but we are confident that you can definitely make it happen the next time or in other important exams. At Resonance, we completely empathize with your situation and we are there for you not only to support you in this difficult time, but also to elevate your spirits to plan things ahead. When things go wrong, two things will never let you down - faith in yourself and hope for success. And these are the only two things that will motivate you to keep going. At Resonance, we want you to get over this feeling of defeat and join the league again with better experience this time. The stress to take Board Examinations successfully and to obtain a good percentage might have bogged you and then effectively managing time to systematically study all the subjects not only for boards but also for competitive exams like JEE (Main +Advanced) is certainly not an easy task. Since you have prepared for the exam, from quite a long time, you must be aware of your strengths & weaknesses. Also, it's high time for you to know what opportunities you can capitalize on and what threats can harm you and your capabilities to plan ahead in the best possible way. Let us help you know your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats so that we can once again help you gain your confidence and can build on your capacities to make you a perfect fit to take up JEE (Main + Advanced) 2019.

The JEE (Main) results of the students of JG Batch of last couple of years have been motivating and rewarding. This has boosted our morale and hence has proved the importance of the batch (JG-Batch) for us. You should feel motivated and full of vigor that we will consider you for the direct admission with fee concession in JG-Batch targeted towards JEE (Main + Advanced) 2019 during the academic session 2018-19. The formation of exclusive JG-Batch will be at Kota Study Centre only and for this formation, separate batches for the students of English & Hindi Medium will be formed. However, if any student wishes to join any other Study Center of Resonance then she/he will be taught with the students of VIJAY (JR) English Medium batches [Target: JEE (Main + Advanced) - 2019].

The scholarship criteria for admission to JG-Batch will be based on your cumulative marks as secured in periodic test conducted at Resonance during the academic session 2017-18 or based on the performance in JEE (Main) 2018. Best of both scholarship will be awarded.

"Practice like you have never won, Perform like you have never lost."

I would like to advise you to feel motivated by the fact that you are still having a chance to attempt and achieve what you deserve.
So you can go ahead and hit your target!
Best Wishes.

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  1. Last date to apply/deposit fee: 14.07.2018 (Saturday/06:00 pm)
  2. Course Commencement: 16.07.2018 (Monday/as per Time Table)
  3. Course Ends: 05.03.2019

Note: Although the Course will end by 05.03.2019, we will still help you for your preparation from JEE (Main) to JEE (Advanced).